How to Join

New Members

* New Members with little or no experience *

For people who have very little or no experience, then we usually recommend they attend our beginners course. In this course we go through some basics like forwards paddling, sweep strokes, moving sideways and low brace supports. There will also be some fun rescue scenarios. We will provide all the specialist kit you need (boats, paddles, buoyancy aids etc...). All you need to bring is some suitable clothing.

The beginners course lasts for 3 weeks (1 session per week) and you can choose to attend this course at the swimming pool at Armley Leisure Centre on Wednesday evenings (sessions runs all year), or during the lighter months of April to September, down on the River Aire in Kirkstall on Thursday evenings starting at 6:15pm.

Each session in the pool cost £10 for adults and £7 for children (under 18). The introductory sessions on the river are free to attend. Ideally you will attend all 3 weeks, but we can squeeze what you need to know into 2 weeks, so when choosing a course to book onto, please make sure you can attend at least 2 of the 3 sessions in that course.

To book yourself onto one of our introductory sessions, please click on one of the links below:

Book on Introductory Session - Armley Pool
Book on Introductory Course - River Aire

Add your chosen course date to the basket, then proceed to checkout. It should then present you with a page where it asks you to login or register. Fill out the registration form to create your account with us, then complete the checkout process to secure your place.

For the pool session, we recommend you wear your normal swimwear, but also another shirt over the top (man made fibre shirts are best. Avoid cotton t-shirts). For sessions on the river, see our Beginners Kit List

After completing your introductory course

There is only so much that can be taught on our short beginner courses To really start progressing your paddling it’s time join us on some of our other sessions. For details of our sessions, see our sessions page

To join any of these sessions, we ask that you to become a member of the club. More details on how to do this are in the "Join Online" section below.

If in doubt about what to do after your beginners course just ask one of the coaches.

Upcoming trips and events are advertised via email, which you should recieve once you have joined the club as a member. We also put the same information on our Facebook group,

* New Members with previous experience *

If you feel like you can do already do most of the skills we cover in our beginners course, you can choose to skip the course and join us straight onto our regular pool sessions, midweek river sessions (run April to September), and Sunday trips. If you want to do this, just let us know to email us with a brief description of your experience, and we will get back to you.

Join Online

The club now has on online membership system where you can fill in your membership form and pay your membership fees online. This is the clubs preferred method for members to join/renew. Boat bay fees, weekend trips, socials and other events can also be signed up for and paid for through the site. (You can still use the online system but choose to pay by cash or cheque if you wish.) Click the link below to visit our membership site:

Leeds Canoe Club - Membership Site

Membership Costs

Membership runs for twelve months from the date of purchase

Current membership rates are:

  • Adult Membership £35
  • Student Membership £25
  • Child Membership (up to 18 Yrs) £15
  • Family Membership £45
  • Current fee per kayak in the boat bay is £20
  • Current fee per Open Canoe in the boat bay is £30
  • BCU Insurance - £3 Adults per year, £2 Children per year

Membership Categories

All membership categories include:

  • Use of club kit for organised club sessions. i.e. Boats, Paddles, Helmets, Spray Decks, Buoyancy Aids.
  • Attendance of all club Sunday or Weekend trips (providing the trip is appropriate for your paddling experience)
  • Attendance of all club social events
  • Discount at Robin Hood Watersports
  • Eligibility to apply for a Club Training Grant (after 12 months)

Full Membership: This gives the holder full voting rights and is only available to those over the age of 18

Student Membership: This entitles anyone in full time education (University or College) a reduced membership price. The holder carries the same rights as that of a full member.

Family Membership: This entitles the holder, partner, and two of their children, (additional children £5 each), under the age of 18 to use the clubs facilities; the holder also carries the right of a full member.

Child Membership - This entitles the holders children to use club facilities. The holder also has full voting rights


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