Four Star Award

Four Star – White Water Leader

This discipline specific test is designed to indicate that the candidate has the skill level to safely paddle and lead other competent paddlers on sections of moderate water. A four Star paddler will have the all round paddling ability, safety, rescue and basic leadership required to undertake trips on sheltered - moderate water with a group of paddlers able themselves to be able to operate in a self-sufficient manner.

Aims – Successful performance at this level indicates that a candidate has the skill level required to lead a group of 4 competent paddlers (not including themselves) in appropriate locations, up to moderate conditions. The emphasis is on the application of strokes to achieve suitable techniques and boat control in real situations. (Competent = Paddlers who do not require coaching to be in/on that environment)


  • Three star award in the equivalent discipline (White water Three star)
  • First aid award (minimum 8hrs including CPR)
  • Previous experience (see syllabus for full details)
  • 4 Star Training (Minimum two days logged experience, Five days would be normally more appropriate)
  • BCU White Water Safety and Rescue training course
  • Candidate must be 16 or over at time of assessment .

Notes – Leadership carries legal responsibilities, to hold this award is not enough. Candidates under 18 cannot be deemed responsible for leadership, by law. Leaders should hold a current first aid award and suitable insurance (either a private insurance policy or a BCU coaching membership).

Four Star - White Water Leader - Syllabus

Notes: other Four star courses are available and we’ll put them up at some point in the future

Planned Four Star Courses

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